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Genius Mage Arm Warmers by xxcupidxstuntxx Genius Mage Arm Warmers :iconxxcupidxstuntxx:xxcupidxstuntxx 0 2 Frings by xxcupidxstuntxx Frings :iconxxcupidxstuntxx:xxcupidxstuntxx 12 6 Brigadier-General Aslan Frings by xxcupidxstuntxx Brigadier-General Aslan Frings :iconxxcupidxstuntxx:xxcupidxstuntxx 16 22 Bunnies! by xxcupidxstuntxx Bunnies! :iconxxcupidxstuntxx:xxcupidxstuntxx 1 6
The Worship of Trees [Tales of Graces f]
Worship of Trees
And there will come a time, you'll see, with no more tears.
And love will not break your heart, but dismiss your fears.
Get over your hill and see what you find there,
With grace in your heart and flowers in your hair.
"I wouldn't want you to lose sight of your happiness. It would be most tragic if an angel of joy such as yourself decided to abandon her own contentment,"

Such a fool he had been to say those words with such conviction, and know full well that he couldn't even live up to them himself. He wasn't a child any more, though, and he couldn't make thoughtless, emotion-fuelled decisions. He was king, and kings didn't....shouldn't...ever feel like this. It was a fallacy to have even entertained the idea in the first place – all those years ago...
Richard shook his head and looked back at his reflection, running the comb through his hair again and flicking his fringe out of his eyes. It was almost time.
:iconxxcupidxstuntxx:xxcupidxstuntxx 5 3
Reclaim [Tales of Graces]
It seems that all my bridges have been burnt,
But you say that's exactly how this grace thing works:
It's not the long walk home that will change this heart
But the welcome I receive with the restart.

Richard had felt fear on many occasions in his time. All the attempts on his life – laying bedridden as his body fought against the poison in his system. Watching his father die at his uncle's hand, and realising that his home had turned on him. The fear of being an unfit ruler (though he was quite sure that had become a reality now). Lambda's claws taking a stronger and stronger hold on his mind until he had become a prisoner in his own body. Richard knew fear born of all kinds of events, and all had shaken him deep down to his very bones, but none so very much as this single moment.
Asbel wasn't moving.
Asbel who had run to his side, run to pull him out of the depths of despair and willingly taken on his burden. Asbel who had never – woul
:iconxxcupidxstuntxx:xxcupidxstuntxx 3 4
Panic Attack
Prickles down my throat and
squeeze tight
(don't fight it)
fingers fumble fail
teeth clatter and the world goes
pealescent at the edges, like looking through dirty glass
Inside gawking out
at Christmas light confidence and fear less than mine
(Again again!)
Disinfectant burns my hands
They shake and in my head the world trembles
(we all fall down).
Ears pound and blood rush
a fist to my gut and knees hit the floor (genuflect)
(the bars are your own making)
I chew my way out until I am (poisoned)
the threat of death hangs heavy around my neck
a noose
(stare up at the gallows)
what do you see?
A world full of peril? Nothing (danger)
Don't be silly
Pounding against my skull like a tumour
Double vision as I count the symptoms
Wait for a diagnosis
Wait it out
(choke choke)
In (out)
Panic Attack.
:iconxxcupidxstuntxx:xxcupidxstuntxx 1 0
Aslan Frings 3 by xxcupidxstuntxx Aslan Frings 3 :iconxxcupidxstuntxx:xxcupidxstuntxx 10 6 Aslan Frings by xxcupidxstuntxx Aslan Frings :iconxxcupidxstuntxx:xxcupidxstuntxx 16 41
Balloon [Tales of Vesperia]
Flynn looked at Yuri, then back at the brightly coloured object floating a foot above his head, then to Yuri once more,
"...Yuri, why do you have a balloon?" He asked finally, cross the room to search noisily in a drawer. Just before Flynn lost his patience with the noise, Yuri pulled out a pen and plonked himself on his bed before busying himself with something at the other end of the balloon's string.
Curious, Flynn approached the other boy and sat next to him, leaning over to see what he was doing. Yuri glanced at him, looking almost guarded for a moment before he let Flynn see the scrap of paper in his hands, a line of his almost illegible scrawl already covering most of one side. Taking it delicate, Flynn studied it closer, deciphering the warped letters with practised ease,
I never want to lose him
Yuri was blushing. He reached and took the paper back from Flynn and clearing his throat,
"The....The man selling them...He said that if you wrote a wish and released it...Then
:iconxxcupidxstuntxx:xxcupidxstuntxx 11 21
Mature content
In These Arms [Tales of Vesperia] :iconxxcupidxstuntxx:xxcupidxstuntxx 10 6
Aslan Frings by xxcupidxstuntxx Aslan Frings :iconxxcupidxstuntxx:xxcupidxstuntxx 26 20
Metal Fingers [Tales of the Abyss]
Saphir knows he's being used. Knows, and relishes it.
It's unhealthy, he's well aware, but so long as Jade is using him, his skills, he is necessary, and will be able to stay close to the little genius.
Jade is impatient, and his temper barely exists on a good day. On a bad day, he snarls, and lashes out in fury. Each bruise blossoms like the roses Saphir leaves in the glass vase on the window sill. It's been repaired three time already this week. Each time he performs the now simple arte to create a perfect clone of the vase. Saphir steadfastly tells himself that it's a good thing. It's necessary. It means he is becoming better at formicry, and can be of more use to Jade in the future.
When Jade catches him crying, Saphir insists it's for the deep gash on his hand caused by the glass shards, not for the way the other boy brushed him off that morning, told him he was worthless, and that he hated him.
Saphir pretends he doesn't hear the insults any more. He may as well have been deaf, a
:iconxxcupidxstuntxx:xxcupidxstuntxx 2 0
Teal Arm Warmers by xxcupidxstuntxx Teal Arm Warmers :iconxxcupidxstuntxx:xxcupidxstuntxx 8 12 Little Piggy by xxcupidxstuntxx Little Piggy :iconxxcupidxstuntxx:xxcupidxstuntxx 11 11
Mature content
Waltz [Tales of the Abyss] :iconxxcupidxstuntxx:xxcupidxstuntxx 4 4


a precious planet by yukihomu a precious planet :iconyukihomu:yukihomu 5,761 216 Cadance and Shining Armor Cosplay by WhiteHeather Cadance and Shining Armor Cosplay :iconwhiteheather:WhiteHeather 70 39 Abyss Friends - Malkuth + by LadyUsada Abyss Friends - Malkuth + :iconladyusada:LadyUsada 149 28 Fire Emblem Awakening: Chrom by PlushMayhem Fire Emblem Awakening: Chrom :iconplushmayhem:PlushMayhem 276 18 Royal Abyss Friends by LadyUsada Royal Abyss Friends :iconladyusada:LadyUsada 230 54 Rainbow Dash Build-A-Bear Hair Pattern by Arualsti Rainbow Dash Build-A-Bear Hair Pattern :iconarualsti:Arualsti 75 15 Tutorial: Circle Skirts by taeliac Tutorial: Circle Skirts :icontaeliac:taeliac 3,803 388 Easy Pleated Skirt Tutorial by cafe-lalonde Easy Pleated Skirt Tutorial :iconcafe-lalonde:cafe-lalonde 603 67 MLP Plushie Tutorial: Attaching Manes and Tails by MLPPlushies MLP Plushie Tutorial: Attaching Manes and Tails :iconmlpplushies:MLPPlushies 865 91 MLP Plushie Tutorial: The Ladder Stitch by MLPPlushies MLP Plushie Tutorial: The Ladder Stitch :iconmlpplushies:MLPPlushies 767 45
Pony Resources
I'm routinely updating this post with new resources that people send me. So feel free to send me links to tutorials or other informational posts/deviations/links that you think might be helpful to plushy makers! :)
I've been putting together a new list of pony resources over the last few weeks. It's been a while since I did the first journal post on the topic and unfortunately a lot of the original links went dead when BabyLondonStar deactivated her account. :cry: I also wanted to include some links for other non-eye and mark related things that I've found over the time I've been on deviantART. :)
General Links
There's a really cool tutorial by BeeZee-Art for making spiral plushie horns that I thought folks might like to see for their unicorns. I think you could also apply it to plushies where the horn is sewn in already, getting your needle in there might be a little harder though. ;)

Once you've finished sewing your pony you may want to take
:iconvalleyviolet:valleyviolet 212 55
Cadance Silhouette Wall by SambaNeko Cadance Silhouette Wall :iconsambaneko:SambaNeko 1,826 57 Princess Twilight Silhouette Wall by SambaNeko Princess Twilight Silhouette Wall :iconsambaneko:SambaNeko 2,287 76 Mew ring by Shourei Mew ring :iconshourei:Shourei 7,742 2,134 Voodoo-Tiki's Pony Plushie Tutorial by Voodoo-Tiki Voodoo-Tiki's Pony Plushie Tutorial :iconvoodoo-tiki:Voodoo-Tiki 5,215 1,286 Teddy-style Lyra plushie by Voodoo-Tiki Teddy-style Lyra plushie :iconvoodoo-tiki:Voodoo-Tiki 107 62



United Kingdom
Looks like I'm going to MCM expo as Hideo Baba will be there :D I'm either taking Richard (Tales of Graces) or re-wearing Aslan Frings (Tales of the Abyss) once I've fixed him up. Depends if I can get Richard done without crying. I'd have preferred to make Flynn but if they're gonna announce the event less than three weeks before it happens I am kind of scuppered.

I just hope MCM is less crappy than the last time I went.
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Tralamander Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hellloooooooo, you have been very quiet. Where have you gone? :3
xxcupidxstuntxx Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2013
The pixies in magic telly box stole me away they did! I tried to keep the magic beans from them :(

I've been derping around with games and writing and's about youuu? HOW IS THE PUPPY? Also web-graphicnovel. I must go catch up on that.
Tralamander Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:((((( Well I miss your musings anyway. I guess I should read some of your writing... if there is any that you would recommend?

Ben is awesome!! :D Now I never ever get lonely in the day while Thomas is at work. We've been exploring lots of the surrounding countryside and I've got really into entomology - particularly moths.... so been doing much more photography than drawing, but still a lot of drawing/painting too.

Ah, the comic. Well, as with anything as a young artist it's not to be taken too seriously - merely a drawing exercise and a way of visualising some of the book(s) I'm writing... So after 12 pages I stopped, satisfied. But good point, I should do more comicky stuff actually. I've been doing a lot of still image sketches of characters/events and it would be nice to do a narrative again.

Anyway blah blah blah me, how is uni etc.? <3
xxcupidxstuntxx Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2013
Eh, to be honest there's nothing recent online, and I can't post any of my recent stuff as it'll cause problems if the examiners find it =P If I get something published I'll let you know though.

Ooooh moths 8D We've not had any big ones around here in a while :( I remember finding some huge ones before. Alas.

Well, all things are practice and all that ;) I've got plenty of half-written bits that I thought were a great idea at the time and all.

Uni is good. More or less done for the summer and just tackling reading stuff for next year. You're all done with your apprenticeship now, right? Managed to do anything with that or are jobs eluding you as well? I can't count the amount of places that want drivers or experienced managers but sod all else...
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